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Walton Folk 'W'


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Wade Cyril - Thatcher c1950

Wade Cyril - Thatcher c1950

Wade Cyril - Thatcher c1950

Wade Cyril - Thatcher c1950

Wade Cyril - Thatcher c1950

Wade Cyril - Thatcher c1950

Walby Dennis

Walby Dennis c1954

Walby Edward George, Dennis & & William on Walton Station platform

Walby William (Bill) Railway Porter

Wall Les 1965

Ward Bryan 1974

Ward Dudley 1967

Ward Sybil (right) & Mrs Franklin (Waitresses Portobello Hotel)

Ward Sid & Edna 31-12-1962

Warren Fred G 1947

Warren Fred (left) & Knight George RTC 1980

Watcham Henry 1974

Watling Brian 1965

Watling Mrs. Heather 1965

Watson Leslie - police constable 1937-1947

Watts Jim - Regal demolition

West David 1975

West David & Frost Peter Putmans Photographers1973

West David 1976

West David and Frost Peter (right)1980 Putmans Photographers

Weston Clifford (Billy) 1930

Weston Clifford (Billy) 1930

Weston John 1966

Weston Mrs 1960

Wheeler Miss 1974

Whipp Dora

Whipp Harry (Telegraph messenger boy)

Whipp Henry

Whipp Sarah & daughter Dora

White Mark RTC Snooker Champ 1980

Willacy Mrs 1962

Williams Rev Kenneth 1970

Williams Rev Kenneth 1968

Williams Martin 1970

Williams Mrs Innes 1970

Williams Paul 1970

Williams Rev Kenneth chalice presentation by John Eagle

Williams Rev Kenneth

Williams Rev Kenneth with Gordon Blease

Williams Rev Kenneth

Wilsher Sam

Wilson 'Tug' John or Jack

Wilson Vera

Winter Chris 1968

Wren Mrs 1968

Wright Albert 1966

Wright Albert (Bert), Charles Emily - North St Bakery

Wright Albert (Bert)

Wright Albert wedding

Wright Albert & wife

Wright Charles 1945

Wright Charles in bakehouse

Wright Charles

Wright Elizabeth 21st party 1968

Wright Elizabeth 1965

Wright Emily & Bert 1920

Wright Elizabeth & Jack Barrett

Wright Elizabeth & Eric Bland

Wright Elizabeth (Miss Harp Lager) & Brian Downs Queens Head Hotel

Wright Elizabeth & Patricia

Wright Albert (Bert) & Emily

Wright Charles & Albert 1934 North St Bakery

Wright Charles & Myra

Wright Charles & Albert

Wright Charles & Myra

Wright Elizabeth & Robert Kemp RNLI Fashion Show

Wright Elizabeth

Wright Elizabeth - Miss Harp Lager at Queens Head Hotel

Wright Albert & Emily - North Street Bakery

Wright Emily, Albert with their children Charles & Albert

Wright Emily & Bert 1949

Wright Charlie & Haggis Ken (left)

Wright l to r Charlie, Bert, Albert

Wright Myra - North St Bakery

Wyatt Ron 1946

Wyatt Ron & Mrs with unknown man 31-12-1962



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