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Walton Folk 'S'


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Saban Roy New Police Sergeant January 1968

Sammels Roy

Sammels Dora nee Whipp

Sammels Roy & Dora

Sagar Gordon - chemist

Saxby Len (Policeman)

Scales Mr 1974

Scales Mrs 1974

Scammell Vic 1968

Scotland Tony (not a Walton resident but Press reporter)

Seth-Ward Mr 1974

Sharman 'Newt' (right), Frost Alec (centre) Lawrence Gerry (centre)

Sharman 'Slotty' William -Cobbler, North St

Sharman 'Slotty' & Mrs.

Shaw Ken & Edna 31-12-1962

Shreeve Maureen 1968

Skeet Christine 1967

Skeet Edgar 1970

Skeet Mrs 1970

Skeet Mrs 1961

Skidmore Fred 1955

Skidmore Mrs 1955

Skipper Martin 1964

Skipper Colin 1965

Skipper Martin 1969

Skues Peter 1968

Smith James Town Crier c1900

Smith James (Greengrocer and Town Crier)

Smith John 1958 (Solicitor)

Smith John 1963 (Solicitor)

Smith John 1965 (Solicitor)

Smith Cheryl 1965

Smith-Gillard Mr 1968

Smith-Gillard Len & Edie with twins

Smith-Gillard Len 1971

Smith Maurice (Sprog)

Smith Peter

Snare David & his wife

Snare Leo and Mrs

South Alf 1952 Chairman of Council

South Alf 1953 with Duchess of Kent

South Minnie 1966

Stait Ada

Stait Edward

Stanley Derek 1965

Steer John c1950

Steer John c1950

Steer John c1950

Steer John 1966

Strang 'Jock' (Vet)

Street Dennis

Snare Kate (Tee) 1973

South Mrs Minnie 1961

South Mrs Minnie 1972

Sparkes Arthur with unknown bus inspector

Steer Billy (left) with Stephen Carter

Strang 'Jock' 1974

Strang Mrs 1974

Street Dennis Coastguard 1967

Sturman Mr 1964

Sturman Mrs 1964

Suckling Gordon 1972

Symonds Janet (left) with Pat Oxley @ Tracy Dawson's Christening 1966




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