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Walton Folk 'K'


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Keeble Mr 1964

Keeble Graham 1965 with his mum, Sheila

Keeble Graham 1965

Keeble Chris 1964

Keeble Chris 1972

Keeble Sheila 1964

Keeble Mrs Sheila 1972

Keen Charles 1962

Kelly Rene 1972

Kelly Rene 1973

Kelly Rene 1973

Keen Charles Sub Lt SCC

Keen Wendy & Roy Kanava

Keen Wendy RNLI Fashion Show

Keen Wendy 1946

Keen Mrs 1962

Kemp Bob in Marine Bar

Kemp Eddie 1965

Kemp Robert 1968

Kemp Robert 1969

Kemp Robert & Valerie wedding

Kemp Robert & Elizabeth Wright RNLI Fashion Show

Kemp Valerie 1966

Kemp Valerie (left)

Kemp Valerie 1970

King Peter 1963

Knights George (right) & Warren Fred

Knocker Rev H C 1914

Kopat Louise 1974

Kopat Mrs Jean 1966

Kopat Gustav 1965



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