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Walton Folk 'H'


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Haggis Rene & Ken

Haggis Rene

Haggis Tony 1969

Haggis Ken & Rene + Mrs Oxley

Haggis Ken (left) & Wright Charlie

Haggis Ken 1970

Haggis Gary 1970

Haggis Terry 1973

Hale Mrs 1963

Hale Bill 1963

Hale Keith (Pier Bowl Manager)

Hale Keith with Sea Cadets at Walton Pier Bowl

Halls Betty 1970

Halls Derek 1974

Halls Jean 1974

Halls Jean & Ron Edmunds 31-12-1962

Hall John 1968

Hall Mrs 1968

Hall Mrs June 1969

Hall Ray 1969

Halls Jean & Jonas Oxley 31-12-1962

Halls John 1970

Hall John 1972

Harris Mrs Pat 1974

Harris Peter 1968

Harris Steve 1974

Harris - Butcher 1970

Hartley Andy 1967

Hartley Doug 1964

Hartley Graham 1967

Hartley Mo 1964

Hartley Mo 1975

Hatcher David 1966

Hartley Doug 1975

Hatcher George 'Tike' & Sharman 'Slotty'

Hatcher John 1972

Hatcher Susannah 1953

Hatcher Susannah 1953

Hatcher Susannah 1953

Hatcher Susannah 1947

Hatcher Harry 1964

Hatcher John, Sally, Suzanne 1957

Hatcher Sally 1961

Hatcher John, Sally, Suzanne 1957

Hatcher Sally (left)

Hatcher Susannah 1955

Hatcher Susannah 1955

Hatcher John 1965

Hatcher Mrs Eileen 1973

Hartley Eric - New Telex machine at Coastguards 1967

Harwood Frank 1974

Harwood Frank 1974

Hayes Derek - 1st Traffic Warden 1967

Hayes Derek 1967 Walton's first traffic warden

Hayes John 'Jack' postman

Hedges Bill 1970

Henry Brigadier

Hicks John 1970

Hicks John 1973

Hipkin Bob with pony & trap

Hipkin Bob c1948

Hipkin Bob & John William - Bathouse Yard

Hipkin Bob 1959

Hipkin Bob 1969

Hipkin Charlie 1951

Hipkin Jack & Bibby

Hipkin Jack

Hipkin John William Naze Beach Cafe

Hipkin Alice

Hipkin Bibby 1966

Hipkin Janet 1967

Hipkin Michael 1960

Hipkin Michael 1961

Hipkin Michael 1964

Hipkin Molly (Adams)

Hipkin Edna (Molly) c1941

Hipkin Edna (Molly) c1920

Hipkin Edna (Molly) c1940

Hipkin Ethel 1940 @ Norfolk House

Hipkin Georgina

Hipkin John William

Hipkin John

Hipkin Robert

Hipkin Robert

Hipkin Robert

Hipkin Robert

Hipkin Jane 1970

Hipkin John 31-12-1962

Hipkin Tom

Hipkin Tom with Ice Cream cart

Hipkin Tom L Cpl RASC

Hipkin Tom

Hipkin Tom, Michael & Mrs

Hipkin ?? at Walton Railway Station

Hipkin Michael 1953

Hipkin Mrs (Tom) 1966

Hipkin Robert on beach

Hipkin Robert Naze Café

Hipkin Bob

Hipkin Bob

Hipkin Bob July 1964

Hipkin Bob

Hipkin Bob with wife & baby

Hipkin John & Robert

Hipkin Tom + unknown friend

Hipkin Tom & unknown lady

Hipkin Tom & others unknown

Hipkin Michael and Hall John 1959

Hipkin Michael & Pete Frost 31-12-1962

Hipkin Robert

Hipkin Edna (Molly)

Hipkin Jane

Hipkin John William

Hipkin Roy 1973

Hipkin Tom 1953

Hipkin (Unknown)

Hobern John 1956

Hobern Mr 1962

Hobern Mrs 1962

Horton Francis

Horton Matthew Stoker (Congregational Minister) June 1901

Horton Matthew Stoker (Congregational Minister)

Howes John

Howe John 1972

Hubbard Barbara (Marine Poona Bar) 31-12-1962

Humphries David 1961

Humphries David 1970

Humphries David 1970

Hurst David 1970

Hurst John 1970

Hurst Mrs. Gertie (Press cutting)

Hutchings Malcolm

Hutchings Malcolm & Jacobs Bros 1956

Hutchings Malcolm School Sports 1949



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