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Walton Folk 'G'


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Garneys Jack 1962

Garnham Kathleen - pro golfer

Garton Robin 1966

Garton Robin

Goldsmith Judy 1964

Goldsmith Tony 1959

Goldsmith Tony 1964

Goldsmith Owen 1965

Goldsmith Ted 1970

Goldsmith Lesley 1962

Goldsmith Tony & Judy 25th Wedding Anniversary with Peter Frost

Goodfellow Harold 1972 - Barclays Bank Manager

Goold Reginald (Bus Conductor)

Goss Charles 1951

Goss Charles 1954

Goss Charles Bowling Walton Pier

Goss Charles 1965

Goss Charles 1974

Goss Michael 1953

Goss Michael 1963

Goss Michael 1965

Goss Michael 1976

Goss Michael 1976

Goss Mrs 1965

Goldsmith Tony at British Legion New Year's Eve 1962

Goss Nigel 1965

GPO Workman before 'Health & Safety'

Gray Ken 1968

Gray Molly at home in High Street

Gray Molly with cats

Gray Molly

Gray Richard

Gray Richard

Gray John & Owen Dawson 31-12-1962

Gray John & Gwen 31-12-1962

Gray 'Puffer' Bait digger 1966 (1)

Gray 'Puffer' Bait digger 1966 (2)

Gray 'Puffer' Bait digger 1966 (3)

Gray 'Puffer' Bait digger 1966 (4)

Green Harry 1961

Green Mrs 1961

Greenwood Thomas Bagnall

Greenwood l to r Jack, Lillian, Joyce

Greenwood Lillian nee Lansdowne 1873-1937

Greenwood Thomas Bagnall 1878-1944

Greenwood - Sutherland Wedding

Greenwood Jack 1927

Greenwood Joyce & Jack

Greenwood Lillian & Jack

Greenwood Alfred Bowler (right) and Thomas Bagnall

Greenwood Edith at Lynton, Kirby Rd

Greenwood Jack & Son Malcolm 1946

Greenwood Jack & Son Malcolm 1946

Greenwood Jack at Walton Pier

Greenwood Thomas Bagnall outside Mepaldene

Grinham Fred & Wife New Year's Eve 1962

Grinham Fred & Unknown lady 31-12-1962

Grover Mr 1971

Grubb John 1971



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