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Walton Folk 'F'


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Fairbrother John

Fairbrother Roger c1895

Farrance John 1971

Farrance Mrs 1968

Farrance Bill 1966

Farrance William 1968

Fayers George

Fairbrother Bob & Tyler Terry in Harris Butchers

Finch Henry Charles (Decker)

Finch Denni 1958

Finch Dennis 1968

Finch Dennis in Marine bar

Fletcher John 1962

Fletcher John 1965

Fletcher Sian & John 1970

Fletcher twins John & Mary

Fletcher Mary 1956

Fletcher Mary 1964

Fletcher Mary 1967

Fletton Rob 1964

Fletton Rob at Walton School 1961

Fletton Rob 1968

Ford Frank & Maud

Ford Frank

Ford Frank & Maude 31-12-1962

Ford Frank in Putmans Shop

Ford Frank with Jessie Putman

Ford Frank at Allotment

Foskew David 1969

Foskew Sue 1974

Franklin Mrs (right) & Mrs Sybil Ward (Waitresses Portobello Hotel)

Frost Alec, Lawrence Gerry & Sharman Newt

Frost Alec 1966

Frost Alec & Weston John

Frost Alec - Regal Cinema Pageboy

Frost Doris - Mrs Reid's Christmas Party 1956

Frost Edith 1973

Frost Neil 1967

Frost Neil 1967

Frost Pauline 1967

Frost 'Jack' (left) Putman Frank (right)

Frost Peter & Bickerton Hilary @ Putmans

Frost Doris & Maurice (Jack) 1975

Frost Peter & West David 1973 Putmans Photographers

Frost Peter & Michael Hipkin 31-12-1962

Frost Neil Sea Cadet 1960

Frost Pauline 1973

Frost Peter 1973

Frost Peter 1974

Frost Peter (right) & West David Putmans Photographers 1980

Frost Peter 1975

Frost Peter 1976

Frost Peter 31-12-1962

Frost Peter with Award winning photos

Frost Peter (right) West David 1980 Putmans Photographers

Frost Doris & Maurice (Jack)

Fulcher Mr 1973 (Baker)

Fulcher Diane (nee Lilley) 1973



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