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Walton Folk 'E'


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Eade Mrs 1973

Eagle John Chalice presentation

Eagle John 1947 (Farmer)

Eagle John 1960

Eagle John 1970 (Farmer)

Eagle John & Oxley Capt Bill

Eagle Woodruffe March 1968

Eaton Mrs 1970

Eaton Steve 1969

Eaton Steve 1972

Eborall Mrs 1951

Edmonds Bob & Balls Connie Wedding Walton Parish Church

Edmonds Bob 1940

Edmonds Connie with Xylophone

Edmonds Janice 'End of Blackout' fancy dress 1945

Edmunds Mrs Kitty 1960

Edmunds Kitty 1967

Edmunds Ron & Kitty Portobello Hotel 1953

Edmunds Ron & Christopher

Edmunds Kitty & Christopher 31-12-1962

Edmunds Ron + Jean Halls 31.12.1962

Edmunds Ron & unknown man 31-12-1962

Edmunds Christopher 31-12-1962

Edmunds Christopher 1962

Edmunds Christopher 1964

Edmunds Ron & John Limmer 31-12-1962

Edmunds Ron & John Limmer 31-12-1962

Edmunds George & Wife (British Legion 31-12-1962

Elam David

Elam David

Elam David 1965

Elphick Tony c1951

Emslie Mr (Chemist) c1946

Emslie Mrs c1946

Evans Andrew 1964



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