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Walton Folk 'C'

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Callaghan (Paddy) 1965

Callahan Paddy & Tingle Keith

Caroen Mr 1967

Caroen Mrs 1967

Caroen Terry 1961

Carter Stephen (right) with Billy Steer

Carter Stephen - I think

Carter Stephen with grandson Hugh Horton

Carter Stephen - bathing machine owner

Carter Stephen with dog Nepp

Carter Lilly

Carter Hugh Stanley age 12 with his mother Emma and sister Lilly

Carter Hugh Stanley 1877-1954 (known as Stephen)

Carter Lillian outside Swiss Cottage Saville Street

Carter Stephen

Carter Stephen (Bathing Machine owner)

Carter Ted Boating Lake Owner

Carter Ted Boating Lake Owner

Carter William (Baker) Father of Elvina Polley

Cattermole Keith 1963

Canfield Cathy 1971

Chaplin Maureen 1965

Chaplin Michael

Chaplin Michael 1969

Chumbley Clare 1988

Chumbley Peter 1963

Chumbley Peter 1963

Chumbley Peter

Chumbley Peter awarded Judo 5th Dan

Chumbley Peter 1987

Chumbley Peter

Chumbley Clare

Chumbley Reg

Chumbley Reg 1971

Clancy Miss of 9, Alfred Terrace April 1949

Clarke Dr. Gerald 1970

Clarke John & Richard 1962

Clarke John & Richard 1973

Clarke John & Elizabeth

Clarke Mrs + Elizabeth 1969

Cole Mr (Schoolteacher)

Coles Dennis in Marine Bar

Collison Derick - Naze Experimental Rocket Site

Columbine Herbert George VC

Ref 1893 Mrs Columbine (Herbert's mother)

Columbine Herbert George VC Bronze bust

Corton Alec 1969

Corton Steve of 'The Young Ones'

Conway John 1962

Conway John 1965

Cooke Douglas Marvin - Halifax Bomber Crash Victim

Cox Richard 1965

Cox Richard 1968

Crawford Bill 1955

Curtis Nancy & Ken

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