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Walton Folk 'A'


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Abbott Paul of 'The Young Ones'

Adams Ken 1973

Adams Ken

Adams Molly 1966

Adams Edna (Molly) c1945

Adams Ken RAF WW2

Adams Ken 1966

Adams Ken (Hipkins Naze Tea Shop)

Adams Ken 1976

Adams George 1968

Adams Myra (Frost) 1969

Akers Bill

Allenspach Elfreda (nee Polley)

Askew Geoff

Askew Geoff 1960

Askew Geoff & Duddy Pat

Avent Brian 1969

Avent Peter 1961

Avent F W G 1961

Avent Fred Jnr 1967

Avent Mrs Fred Jnr 1967

Avent Fred (FWG) 1971

Avent June 1972

Avent Peter 1972

Avent Martin 1973

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