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Woppy Akers

Bunker Eagle (Frank)

Long Frank Oxley

Barmy Aldridge

Spider Eaton

Harwicher Oxley (Wm)
Jinks Austin Slogger Eleston

Bibby Oxley

Chirrup Bailey

Skewey Ewen

Jonie Oxley

Charger Balls

Brefis Fairbrother

Shaver Oxley

Rum’Un Banham

Buckle Fairbrother

Spoony Oxley

Boysey Barnden

Mod Fairbrother

Spratty Oxley

Gyp Barham

Naffer Fairbrother

Squirm Oxley

Inky Barham

Decker Finch

Wig Oxley

Allie Barnden

Jack Frost

Pedlar Palmer

Dod Bates

Digger Gardiner

Gooseberry Parker

Nigger Bates

Ree Grant

Wibby Polley

Tich Blease

Nigger Gray

Tiddly Porter

Smacky Blease

Puffer Gray

Paddy Potter

Puggy Bloom

Bowler Greenwood

Diddly Procter

Tarzan Bloom

Hubby Halls

Nunky Reid

Bay Brett

Swanee Harris

Crew Rose

Noony Brett

Fluey Harris

Cully Rose

Sluggy Britton

Taffy Howells

Solly Salisbury

Speedy Britton

Turk Hammond

Newt Sharman

Cockle Brown

Chinky Hatcher

Slotty Sharman

Cosher Brown

Nat Hatcher

Smacky Sharman

Fatty Brown

Roarer Hatcher

Coggie Snare

Happy Candler

Tyke Hatcher

Winkle Smith

Snooky Canham

Clocky Hayward

Pokey Bill Smith

Chubby Canler

Sherlock Holmes

Ribs Smith

Soppy Chandler

Bosher Hughes

Speck Smith

Monkey Chapple

Shaky Jack

Pusser Snowden

Chicken Chumbley

Long Sleeve Joe

Boony Soare

Nobby Clark

Petho Lee

Tucksie Townes

Beaver Cole

Bym Lansdown Bubby Warren (Freddie)

Snowball Cook

The Count (Maurice Mann)

Diddy Weston

Bunker Cook Herc Mills

Toddy Williams

Chinny Cranmer

Noddy Mills

 Bunny Wright

Barny Cresswell

Diamond Bill Nicholls

Long Sleeve Jo Wyatt
Bummy Cutter

Nipper Norman

Fussy Downs Sparky Norman  
Brawn Dowsing





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