The Windmill and Watermill


The windmill stood where the Yacht Club is today. It was a post mill with two pairs of stones and was bought along with the water mill by John Archer in 1832. The water mill or tide mill had been working since the 15th century. Both mills ceased working around 1900 and were demolished in 1921.
The mill pond later became the boating lake.


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Ref 2880 Barge 'Dorothy' at the windmill

Ref 3056 Mill Lane from church tower

Ref 3057 Boys on yacht near Water Mill

Ref 3058 Unknown men at Boatyard

Ref 3059 Unknown yacht by Windmill

Ref 3128 Mill Lane & Water Mill from church tower

Ref 3161 Building flood defences in Mill Lane c1954

Ref 3162 Building flood defences in Mill Lane c1954



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