Naming "The Edian Courtauld"


On 20th July 1954 the town of Walton came to a standstill for the naming of the RNLI lifeboat
 by HRH The Duchess of Kent.

This series of pictures taken by Putmans Photographers is a record of the day.

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Programme Cover

Programme of the event

Service sheet

Ref 01 Duchess arrives at Walton Railway Station met by Alf South the Chairman of the Council

Ref 26 At the Albion Breakwater Frinton & Walton Red Cross prepare the guard of honour

Ref 16 Choirs of Walton, Frinton & Kirby Churches

Ref 12 Note the Tannoy system

Ref 51 The crowds gathered

Ref 74 One lone policeman (Sgt. Jennings) guards the podium

Ref 71 Important people await the arrival of the Duchess

Ref 72 Photographer 'Paddy' Mullen armed with a plate camera also waits

Ref 73 Still waiting

Ref 31 When the car with the Duchess does arrive a large policeman gets in the way

Ref 03 The Duchess's car arrives

Ref 02 The Duchess moves through the guard of honour. Note the press camera men

Ref 68 This is the photo that they were waiting for

Ref 04 On to the staging. Walton schoolchildren had a front row view

Ref 04 Det. The schoolchildren inc Teacher Doug Barratt & Miss Cole (Mrs Boyd),

Keith Marshall, Roy Tappenden, Elizabeth Davis, Brian Hambling, Chris Edmunds & John Steer.

Ref 14 Another view of the children. Who can you spot?

Ref 09 The speeches begin

Ref 10 The crowds listen

Ref 41 You can see how big the crowds were....

Ref 48 ....even on the beach

Ref 50 An orderly crowd

Ref 40 The view from the Albion Hotel

Ref 17 The Rev. Owen led prayers

Ref 21 Alf South made his speech but young David Humphries was not impressed

Ref 23 Capt. Bill Oxley Hon. Sec of the Walton Lifeboat gave his address

Ref 28 The Duchess performed the naming

Ref 29 The Duchess performed the naming

Ref 35 The view from the Albion Hotel

Ref 36 The crowd rose as The Edian Courtauld was named

Ref 08 The Edian Courtauld with The Lady Kent behind

Ref 43 The Edian Courtauld

Ref 49 The Edian Courtauld

Ref 37 The event over

Ref 39 Waiting for the Duchess to leave the staging

Ref 13 Customs Officer 'Brummy' Richardson keeps the crowd under control

Ref 69 As the Duchess leaves the children wave

Ref 70 The Duchess with Alf South - Mrs Ruth Brett & Mrs Cole in the background

Ref 64 The Duchess met the officials - Capt. Bill Oxley

Ref 07 Who is this?

Ref 53 Mrs Brook ? (I think)

Ref 65 She was then presented to the crew - Coxswain Jonas Oxley

Ref 66 Frank Bloom, Tim Oxley, Gilbert Barrs

Ref 56 Ken Haggis

Ref 57 Les Wall

Ref 58 Frank Oxley

Ref 59 Frank Britton

Ref 60 Derek Halls

Ref 80 Jack Barrett

Ref 79 'Nigger' Gray

Ref 79 Then she met some former crew members - Tom 'Puggy' Bloom former cox'n

Ref 77 Ted Oxley

Ref 76 Fraser Bacon

Ref 75 'Spider' Eaton

Ref 61 Phil Farrow

Ref 62 Alf Halls

Ref 63 L to R 'Decker' Finch, 'Toddy' Williams, Alf Halls, Phil Farrow

Ref 34 Marine Parade was lined by well wishers as the Duchess was driven to the Marine Hotel for a reception

Ref 52 The only photo from the Marine Hotel reception shows Jean Barratt, Ron Brayley and Ken Haggis

Ref 30 While this ceremony was performed one lone policeman guarded entry to the town. No one argued with 'Tiny' Simmonds

Ref 32 At Walton Station the Station Master, Mr. Nicholls, prepared the platform for the departure of the Duchess

Ref 67 Time to say 'Goodbye'

Ref 47 The Edian Courtauld was well and truly 'named'

Ref 1942 View from top of The Kino

Ref 1947 View from top of The Kino



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